Geoversity: Biocultural Design Centre

In the first 4 months of 2018 I’ve been exploring the world of bamboo in Panama cooperating with non-profit organisation Geoversity. Together with them we set up a workplace in the middle of the amazing mini-jungle called ‘Amador,’ where we shared our knowledge about learning from nature, bamboo building and celebrating the outcomes of that.

The workshop is based in one of the old buildings that were used by the USA during the time the Panama-canal was still theirs. The building was completely taken back by nature and therefor it needed a big makeover, which we did thanks to many volunteers.

The place has now the possibility to offer four volunteers a bed and an area to experiment and work with bamboo or other materials. This way the centre is going to be a central point from where Geoversity is collecting their knowledge they get from highly admired people like Jorg Stamm. Sharing it with schools and people who are interested in creating in a more environmental way, seeking for a better future.