I Will Vanish

I Will Vanish

I Will Vanish is a project that gives architecture the role of being it’s own exhibition. An exhibition that talks about human creation and it’s environment.

The idea was not to create something again by humans, disrupting the environment that is incredibly amazing at Bergen aan Zee. The diversity of landscapes in such a short distance is special. Therefore it needed a better plan that gave a higher status to its environment.

The pavilion works as an ode to the sun, wind, water and sand around it. Those energies are giving life to the building by rubbing it softly and reforming it by the movements of the wind and sand. The sun is creating a visual play of light, and the water is used to cool down it’s interior.

The form of the building is generated out of collecting wind-power and direction over several years. The thickness of the walls is based on those numbers giving it an unique form.

I Will Vanish is a project that I lead with three other students each having their own specialities.