Water 1

Psychological research to enhance space

“Water 1” is a project that talks about environment-psychology. What does sound with us, colors or certain materials? What about patterns? We fill up our surroundings not fully understanding what the effect it has on us. With the knowledge that comes from modern technology like brain scans, we can research the space where we are and make it efficient in the way it needs to be.

Take our own offices, which can be stressful and noisy. They’re organised to keep you focussed. Now focus can be seen as a muscle in your brain. When you focus that muscle is strongly strengthened and after a while that muscle, as we all know, weakens. We solve this with a cup of coffee and take the stress for granted. This can result in bad health or even a burn-out.

Psychological research shows that natural environments can help you with restoring that brain muscle. We have a relationship with nature that automatically calms down your brain and body. Of course in the city it’s not always easy to find this natural environment, that’s why Naturespace creates products to bring these natural forms inside your (work)space, to enhance a healthy brain.

The installation is created by partnering with psychologists. The project gives us a modern technological way to create water patterns indoors that calm down the mind. In the beginning this seems distracting but after a while you copy the slow movements and you get into the flow.

The installation will be presented in an updated and refined form at the Dutch Design Week 2019.